School Bus with WIFI

Beginning in Fall 2022, all GCPS school buses will be equipped with Wi-Fi ! This will make transportation a fleet of Smart Buses! 

 Benefits of Kajeet SmartBus:

Students spend an average of 40 minutes per day on their daily routes. That adds up to 180 hours every school year. Students who participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics and clubs, spend even more time on the school bus traveling to and from events.

With Wi-Fi on buses, ride time can be spent completing homework.

For students without Internet at home, or for those with other responsibilities after school, such as caring for siblings or working a job, this time spent on the bus may be the only time they have to complete their online assignments.

Many districts reported fewer complaints about student behavior on Wi-Fi-connected buses. By provisioning controlled Internet access to students and by providing them with an opportunity to engage in meaningful and beneficial work while they travel to or from school, students can be better plugged into schoolwork, better connected to their teachers, more engaged, and less distracted.