The Gloucester County Public School STEM initiative's goal is to prepare Gloucester Students for future academic and career pursuits in STEM fields through augmenting traditional curricula with integrated, problem-based, inquiry activities that foster critical thinking and provide authentic learning experiences in a cross curricular classroom environment.

Bringing real-life applications into participating science, math, technology and engineering classrooms
Encouraging the sharing of ideas across disciplines and promote interdisciplinary collaboration
Provide information to students about STEM majors and careers
Equip students with the inspiration to enter a fulfilling career in the sciences or mathematics
Revel the interdependence of mathematics, physics, computer science, technology, engineering, chemistry, and biology

STEM Virginia Standards of Learning
All Gloucester County Public Schools teach the Virginia Standards of Learning. 

SOL Curriculum Standards in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math support STEM. 

STEM teachers make sure to provide the bridges between the different subjects in their classrooms.

The following curriculum is used throughout the district:

Mathematics 2009 Standards of Learning: The Standards of Learning in Mathematics were revised in 2009 by the Virginia Department of Education; integrated problem solving throughout the K-12 curriculum.

Science 2010 Standards of Learning: The Revised Standards for Science, developed by VDOE, revolve around the concept of Inquiry Learning; allowing for a high level of student-based learning that requires students to conduct research and develop investigations then use the data generated to derive conclusions.

Virginia Career and Technical Education Competencies

Project Lead the Way
District Activities Sponsored Competitions
Great  Computer  Challenge
Students can compete in teams at the WHRO Great Computer Challenge.
 Technical Areas include 
 » Web Page Design
 » Desktop Publishing
 » Computer Graphics

Moody's Mega Math Challenge

Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS)
Students may choose to participate in the Virginia Junior Academy of Science and if their papers are accepted, they would present at a university to scientists and college professors in the content area.
There is currently no funding for this program; students must provide the room and board fee when attending VJAS. 

Dept of Energy  & Jefferson Lab Regional Science Bowl
One middle and high school team from GCPS schools compete in this nationwide competition that tests student knowledge in all areas of science.

GCPS Math Bowl
This triathlon style competition allows 4th and 5th-grade students to compete in the area of math facts, problem-solving and engineering. 
Three-member, grade-specific teams, work together to earn a total score for the event. 

Students in grades 4-12 have the opportunity to participate with robotics teams and robotics camp. 
These programs are extra-curricular and provide an avenue for students to learn problem-solving and engineering design through the completion of robotics projects. 
Students may attend competitions with their teams through F.I.R.S.T. and VEX robotics. 

At the elementary level, robotics camps that support engineering for females are offered at Botetourt Elementary School. 
At the high school level, students may choose to enroll in the Introduction to Robotics course for elective credit.

GCPS Science & Engineering Fair
Students in honors classes are required to conduct original research, submit a research paper, and compete in the Gloucester County Science and Engineering Fair. 
Students in grades 4-12 in all science and math classes are also encouraged to participate in the fair. 
Select students may compete in the Tidewater Regional and Virginia State Science and Engineering Science Fairs.
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
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