Elementary Report Cards
GCPS Elementary School Report Cards

Gloucester County Public Schools is implementing a standards-based report card beginning with the 2011-2012 school year. In Virginia, teaching and learning are guided by the Standards of Learning (SOLs). The Standards of Learning are established by the Commonwealth of Virginia for public schools, describing expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12. Teachers teach a standards-based curriculum and assess students on the standards the students are learning. The movement to standards-based report cards is happening throughout the United States and aligns the information provided to parents on the report with how we are currently teaching and assessing students. Our standards-based report cards will now reflect objectives established in the Standards of Learning for Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies at each grade level. Report Cards are intended to be a reflection of student progress and achievement through the grade-level academic curriculum.
Understanding Standards Based Report Cards
The following resources provide information about the revised standards-based report cards.

A Parent's Guide to the Elementary Standards-Based Report Card, 2011-2012
This brochure is an overview of the revised report card format and key features of the new format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2011 School Board Presentation

Elementary Report Card Glossary
An overview of key terms and definitions used in reporting on student progress.

A Guide to Reading in the Elementary Grades
Information about the Quarterly Reading Assessments reported with Report Cards, this guide provides an overview about the assessments that support students on their journey to becoming independent readers.
A Three Level Rating Scale will be used for all standards
 S = Successful; meets grade-level standards at this time

 P = Progressing; but not meeting the grade-level standards at this time

 N = Needs improvement; significantly below grade-level standards at this time

** Students in grades 2-5 will continue to receive overall letter grades (A,B,C,D,F) in Reading/Oral Language, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
** Letter grades will be given in addition to standards-based ratings within all content areas. 
** Click here to see a sample Third Grade Report Card.
GCPS Elementary Standards-Based Report Card Changes
Elementary School Report Cards will no longer include student specific comments.
  • Report cards are intended to be a reflection of student progress and achievement through the grade-level academic curriculum.
  • Teachers will communicate with parents about a student through parent-teacher conferences or other direct communication.
  • Students will continue to receive ratings in resource classes such as Art, Music, and Physical Education on content knowledge specific to those subject areas.
  • Students will continue to receive ratings on the same Social & Behavioral Skills and Work Habits.
  • Please contact your child's school for information concerning parent-teacher conference dates or with questions about your child's progress.
Elementary School Contacts
 Abingdon Elementary 642-9885          Botetourt Elementary 693-2151
  Achilles Elementary 642-9140               Petsworth Elementary 693-6161
  Bethel Elementary 693-2360 

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