School Board Appoints Special Education Advisory Committee
The Gloucester County School Board appointed the members of the Special Education Advisory Committee.

Special Education Advisory Committee 2020 – 2022

Gloucester High School
Teacher Representative
Rural Infant Services Program
Consulting Member
Consulting Member
Consulting Member
Kellie Lockerby
Christine White
Megan Drexler
Melissa Foster
Marsha James
Christy Morton
Shanna Merritt
Jessi Kittrell
Danielle Gray
Ebony Brown
Liz Lyon
Jennifer Tingley
Paula Dawson
Kristy Holland
For contact information please call the Special Education Office at 804-693-7880
What purpose does the Special Education Advisory Committee serve?
The purpose of the Gloucester County Special Education Advisory Committee is to advise the school division of unmet needs in the education of children with disabilities. The committee consists of parents of children with disabilities and persons with disabilities. School division personnel act as consultants to the committee.
When does the committee meet?
 We are hoping to have meetings in person, but there will also be a virtual option available.
  Meeting time is 6:00 pm

September 21, 2021   
December 7, 2021
March 15, 2022 
May 17, 2022

The Special Education Advisory Committee is also seeking parents of children with disabilities and persons with disabilities who might be willing to serve on the committee. Interested individuals should contact the Special Education Office at 804-693-7880. We look forward to seeing some new faces at the meetings next school year. 

What happens at an Advisory Committee Meeting?
Each meeting includes presentations on relevant special education topics and a public comment period. Guest speakers are invited to most meetings to make a presentation on a particular topic. 
Who can serve on the committee?
Participation by all parents of students with disabilities is encouraged. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact the Special Education Office.

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