The internet is a normal part of our student's lives. It is used for communication, education, research and exploration. We must inform and protect students from possible dangers.

  • Find Family Safety, Security and Privacy Resources and information.
  • provides education age-appropriate resources for teaching children how to be safe online.
  • Reviews and Ratings for Movies, Games, APPS, TV Shows, and so much more.
  • Common Sense Parent Concerns answers questions related to technology in your kids' lives.
  • Find resources here from the Virginia Department of Education related to Internet Safety.
Internet Safety Links
  • from Edutopia -- articles, videos, and resources on internet safety, digital responsibility, and media / digital literacy
  • Some things you can do to help kids read more critically
  • from easybib ... do you see advertisements?
The year that wasn't: 2016 as told by 120 fake news stories
Here are a few websites showing that not everything on the internet is true.