STEDI SubSkills Online Training Course

(For Substitute Teachers and Substitute Paraprofessionals)


With this training you will learn to:

· Manage a classroom

· Teach with power and confidence

· Gain respect from students

· Strategies to work with difficult students

· Implement activities to fill extra time


GCPS utilizes the Substitute Training Program designed by Utah State University’s Substitute Teaching Institute and delivered by Substitute teacher and paraprofessional applicants are required to complete the SubSkills Online Training Course and pass the SubAssessment with a composite score of 85% or higher. The training includes 6-10 hours of interactive professional development which may be completed in several sessions. Once the training and assessment are completed, applicants should print a copy of the SubDiploma for their own records and save a pdf or jpg copy to submit with their GCPS application.


There is a cost associated with this training of $39.95, which is the responsibility of the applicant. The training fee provides the applicant online access for one year to:

 1. SubSkills Training Course (Basic Option A or Basic Option B),

 2. Online SubAssessment, and

 3. SubDiploma certificate


Substitute teachers may request reimbursement for the $39.95 expense. To be eligible for the reimbursement:

1.  Satisfactorily complete 15 full-day substitute assignments with GCPS

 2.  Retain a copy of the purchase receipt. The receipt must show the amount paid and training course name.

3.  Submit an email request to, including the receipt once you have completed the requirements. Upon review, you will be notified of your eligibility status.


Note: Substitute teaching and paraprofessional applicants who hold teacher licensure from any state, current or expired, are exempt from this requirement. Applicants who are able to present transcripts documenting student teaching experience are also exempt from this requirement.