A vital component of preparing students for the 21st Century is academic planning and career exploration. The Academic & Career Plan--or ACP--is a working document that identifies academic goals and career interests in middle and high school that will result in greater achievement and readiness for post-secondary experiences, including college, career, workplace, or additional skills training. GCPS offers students the opportunity to explore a myriad of possibilities through the ACP process.

 Students begin developing their ACP in Grade 7 with assistance from school counselors and are able to utilize a variety of tools including Naviance, a comprehensive software suite that students and families can use to make more informed decisions about courses, colleges, and career options. The ACP travels with each student and is reviewed and modified annually through Grade 11 as course and career interests mature and evolve.
Our Schools
Gloucester County Public Schools presents our Academic & Career Planning Video Series.

Please explore each video for insight on our Elementary, Middle, High Schools ways to help students as they explore career opportunities.
Our Community
We also work with our county and local businesses to promote

     • Education and the Local Economy, 
     • Education and Economic Development, 
     • Academic and Career Planning Connections.
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