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Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher and/or substitute paraprofessional with Gloucester County Public Schools.  Our staffing process has recently changed to allow you flexibility in completing many of the hiring steps at home, at your own pace.  To ensure an accurate and timely processing of your application, please follow the instructions as outlined below. 


Substitute Employee Qualifications and Rates

To be a substitute employee for a classroom teacher or paraprofessional, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent.  The daily rate of pay for substitute personnel in GCPS is based on the applicant’s educational qualifications and position held for that day. 
Qualifications are determined by official transcripts and/or proof of teacher licensure. 
The current rates are as follows:

  Educational Level
 Rate of Pay
Substitute Teacher
High School Diploma or Equivalent
$60 daily
Substitute Teacher
Sixty Semester Hours of College Coursework
$65 daily
Substitute Teacher 
Bachelor's Degree or Higher
$75 daily
Substitute Teacher                   
Holds Current Teaching License
$85 daily

Substitute Teacher, long term*  

$95 daily

Substitute Paraprofessional-

  $55 daily
Substitute Paraprofessional -
          Special Education
  $60 daily
 * If a substitute teacher works more than 10 consecutive days in the same classroom assignment, the compensation to that substitute teacher is the long-term rate.





1.  Complete the pre-application training requirements (see pre-application training process below).

2. Complete the substitute employee application and required document package (see application process below).

3. Come to the Office of Human Resources and provide all necessary documentation and paperwork.

4. Upon acceptance of your application package, you will be fingerprinted and scheduled for an orientation session.


Pre-Application Training


Non-Licensed Substitute Applicants / Substitute Applicants with No Prior Student Teaching

GCPS utilizes the Substitute Teacher Training Program designed by Utah State University’s Substitute Teaching Institute and delivered by  This online training program is a required part of the substitute teacher and paraprofessional application process.  Substitute applicants are required to complete the SubSkills Online Training Course and pass the SubAssessment with a composite score of 85% or higher. 

There is a cost associated with this training of $39.95, and will be the initial responsibility of the applicant.  Payment may be made online by credit card, check, or money order.  Upon satisfactory completion of a minimum of 15 substitute days with GCPS, the substitute employee may request reimbursement for this cost from GCPS.

The training fee provides the applicant online access for one year to:

1. SubSkills Online Training Course and materials (Option A on;

2. The free semi-monthly SubSuggestions Newsletter (go to to register); and

3. The online SubAssessment which is designed to evaluate how well you have mastered the material.

The training may be taken online and includes 6-10 hours of interactive professional development.  The program is divided into 5 independent modules.  You can complete the training in several sessions, if desired.   If you prefer not to study at a computer, you may purchase the SubSkills textbook (Option B) from  This option gives you the same professional development opportunities, but in a print format.

Both Option A (online) and Option B (textbook) feature a SubAssessment followed by a SubDiploma for individuals scoring 85% or higher on the assessment.  Once training is complete, applicants should print a copy of the SubDiploma for their own records and include a copy to submit with the completed GCPS substitute hiring document package.

To access the online training, go to  Select “Shop” in the top menu bar, then select “Purchase Courses.”

Substitute Applicants Holding Teacher Licensure From Any State (Current or Expired) and/or Has Had Successful Student Teaching

Applicants who have a current or expired teaching license from any state may skip the STEDI training and assessment portions.  Those who have successfully completed a student teaching experience (as documented on college transcripts) are also exempt from the STEDI training requirement.

All Substitute Employee Applicants

Applicants must complete Child Abuse and Neglect:  Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding training. 
This online course, which takes approximately one hour to complete,
is provided by the Virginia Department of Social Services at no cost to you. 
To access the training, click on the link below. 
Individuals should select the “Required Training/Courses” tab under the heading “Child Protective Services.” 
Then, select the “CSWE 5691 - Child Abuse and Neglect:  Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding (for educators) (web page).” 

Click here to access the online training.

Once you have completed the training, you can print a certificate,
which should be included in your substitute employee hiring document package.

Note to Individuals Holding Virginia Teaching Licensure:  If your teaching license indicates that you have satisfied this training requirement, you will not need to repeat it.


Application Process

   1.       Complete our online employment application, answering each
             section of the application.   See Link Below
   Online Application  
   2.       Print and complete the package of substitute employee hiring    
             documents.     See Links Below  
      Substitute Hiring Packet  
           - Complete the Tax Forms (W-4and VA-4) and include them with    
              your Hiring Packet.  
   3.       Make certain that you include the following documents as
             attachments to your online application, or as documents  
             submitted with your hiring document package:  
                 - High School diploma/GED or college transcripts (when applicable)
                 - SubDiploma (if applicable)
                 - Child Abuse and Neglect training certificate
                 - Teaching License (if applicable)


Fingerprinting and Scheduling an Orientation Session


It will be necessary for you to bring in all completed documents to the Office of Human Resources in the T. C. Walker Education Center before proceeding to the fingerprinting process.  A Human Resources representative will review your documents.   Upon acceptance of your complete application package, you will be fingerprinted immediately and scheduled for an upcoming half-day orientation session.  GCPS will be responsible for the cost of fingerprinting.

Our office is located at 6099 T. C. Walker Road in Gloucester.  We are available to meet with you Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 4:00.  No appointment is necessary.


Orientation Session


The session will be conducted at the T. C. Walker Education Center and will take approximately three hours.  Please bring necessary identification with you to the orientation session.    Acceptable forms of Identification

Following participation in the orientation session, you’re ready for your first day in the classroom.




A PDF of this page is provided for your convenience.
Substitute Applicant Information and Instructions

 Questions? Contact The Office of Human Resources
804-693-5300    or