Student Services

Visiting Teachers


The Visiting Teacher Department provides a wide range of services related to assisting students who have social or emotional problems which affect school performance.  The Visiting Teachers interface with students, parents, school personnel and with representatives of community agencies.  The services provided are based upon the understanding of human behavior, skills in interviewing, problem identification, and the ability to use community resources.

The primary duties of the Visiting Teacher are:

  • To provide social work services and sociocultural assessments as mandated by Public Law 94-142.  This involves researching the educational experience of the student, interviewing the family to interpret the family and community conditions, and the implications for educational programming.

  • To process and follow-up on all referrals received for absenteeism and to obtain warrants to represent the school division in court in situations requiring the most extensive intervention.

  • To devise, with the advice of the student’s regular teacher or teachers, an instructional program for each assigned student recommended for homebound instruction.

  • To collaborate with administrators, teachers, and other school personnel in matters relating to the social, emotional, and environmental well being of students.

  • To serve as a liaison between home, school, and community to provide school personnel with information about the impact of home and community factors on a student’s progress in school.

  • To assist families in using available community resources such as health and mental health services, social services, court services and other agency services as may be required.