Student Services

Primary Duties of Student Services

Primary Duties of Student Services
  • Assists and advises building administrators and persons in the community in the interpretation, administration, and enforcement of the section of the Virginia School Laws, School Board Policies and Regulations, and the Student Code of Conducts.

  • Consults with parents, teachers, other school personnel, and community agencies

  • Serves as the office for principals to report crises, weapons, and other incidents.

  • Assists in the resolution of reported discipline problems as needed

  • Serves as the Hearing Officer for student hearings on all long-term suspensions and expulsions.

  • Coordinates the preparation of expulsion recommendations to the School Board

  • Facilitates annually the revisions for the Student Code of Conduct and all student related policies

  • Coordinates interagency services, and serves as the school liaison with community agencies such as juvenile courts, mental health, collaborative leadership project, and social services

  • Coordinates with the principal the approval of enrollment of tuition students, foster children, and custody students.

  • Coordinates with the principals and the Coordinator of Transportation the approval of all Change of Attendance Zones Requests

  • Coordinates the collection of data for PL 874 - Federal Impact Aid

  • Collects data and prepares reports for student membership each month

  • Collects the necessary data for preparation of the Fall Membership Report for the State Department of Education

  • Collects the necessary data for preparation of the March Membership Report for the State Department of Education

  • Coordinates all requests for release from compulsory attendance

  • Serves as the Supervisor for psychological and sociological services

  • Organizes and maintains the student attendance accounting system; is responsible for maintaining accurate records, collecting data, and completing all relative state and local reports

  • Works with the Director of Budget and Finance in budgetary matters involving student attendance data

  • Supervises the Homebound Instruction program

  • Serves as the school division’s representative on the Community Policy and Management Team for the Comprehensive Services Act

  • Approves all applications for Home Instruction

  • Prepares all Letters of Intent and accompanying documentation for School Board approval for all religious exemption requests

  • Serves as the Section 504 Contact Person

  • Prepares the purchase orders for requisition of textbooks

  • Serves as the central office representative on the School Health Advisory Board

  • Serves as the Coordinator for administration of the Bloodborne Pathogens program

  • Supervises the administration of the LPT

  • Responsible for the printing of all student report cards, progress reports, and all other student related forms.

  • Provides supervision, counseling, continuing education, and professional consultative services to school nurses

  • Alerts school personnel to health trends and problems; incorporates new developments in health care into the health services program

  • Assists in the employment and orientation of school nurses

  • Coordinates the procurement of appropriate materials, equipment, and supplies for school clinics

  • Assists with interpretation of state mandated health laws, procedures, and activities

  • Responds to and provides assistance when emergency health situations arise

  • Coordinates with the school nurses the requisition of all medical supplies

  • Organizes and revises the Health Services Manual as needed.