Student Services

Admission of Non-Resident Students


The principal and Director of Student Services will consider the admission of non-resident students, as space permits, on a tuition basis. All tuition fees must be paid one semester in advance.

Admission consideration will be given under the following stipulations:

A. A student may be admitted when the pupil-teacher ratio and/or class size does not exceed local standards as follows:
(1) 18 to 1 in grades K - 3,
(2) 20 to 1 in grades 4 - 5,
(3) 22 to 1 in grades 6 - 8, and
(4) 25 to 1 in grades 9 -12.
B. Foreign students in an F-1 immigration status or who obtain the F-1 student visa shall not be admitted in the division’s elementary schools or publicly funded adult education programs. Such students may be admitted, for up to twelve months, in the division’s secondary schools only if they pre-pay the full, unsubsidized per capita cost of education.
C. Tuition of an amount established by the School Board will have been paid; there will be no tuition refunds after a student has been admitted and enrolled. Students admitted during the semester will have the tuition calculated on a prorated basis for that semester.
D. Students enrolled during a school year will be given priority at the beginning of the next succeeding semester.
E. Students who start the semester on a resident basis and later become classified as non-resident because of change of address will be responsible for the payment of tuition on a per diem basis.
F. Enrollment will be for one semester, renewable under the above conditions at the beginning of the next semester.
G. Students enrolled during the school year may be referred for a special education evaluation to determine if they exhibit an educational disability.
H. A non-resident, regular education student, identified as having a disability, will be admitted into a special education class only when the admission of the student will not interfere with the placement of Gloucester County students. The Director of Student Services and the Director of Special Education will consider each request for such placement on a case-by-case basis. Additional tuition may be charged for special education services provided to a non-resident student. The amount of tuition for these services will be determined by the Director of Special Education and the Director of Budget and Finance based on actual costs to the school division.
I. Transportation shall not be furnished to non-resident students except in those cases where:

(1) agreements between divisions specify transportation services; or

(2) federal or state legislation mandates the provision of transportation services; or

(3) transportation services can be provided at no cost to the division.


The School Board reserves the right to review and to refuse, for any reason, admission of any student on a tuition basis. Admission approval may be received at any time during the school year by the School Board. The School Board has sole discretion in the matter of admission. The decision of the School Board will be final.

Reference: School Board File Number JECB
Code of Virginia, Section 22.1-5
Public Law 104-208, Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant responsibility Act of 1996, Section 625
Form SS 96-03 Enrollment Form For Non-Resident Students