Student Services

Admission of Student to Public Schools



No student will be admitted for the first time to any public school in any school division in this Commonwealth unless the person enrolling the student will present, upon admission, a certified copy of the student's birth record. The principal or his/her designee will record the official state birth number from the student's birth record into the student's permanent school record. If a certified copy of the student's birth record cannot be obtained, the person so enrolling the student will submit an affidavit setting forth the student's age and explaining the inability to present a certified copy of the birth record. If the school division cannot ascertain a child's age because of the lack of a birth certificate, the child will nonetheless be admitted into the public schools if the person submitting the affidavit is acceptable to the division superintendent as being able to estimate with reasonable certainty the age of such child.

Upon the failure of any person enrolling a student to present a certified copy of the student's birth record, the principal of the school in which the student is being enrolled or his/her designee will immediately notify the local law-enforcement agency. The notice to the local law-enforcement agency will include copies of the submitted proof of the student's identify and age and the affidavit explaining the inability to produce a certified copy of the birth record.

Within fourteen (14) days after enrolling a transferred student, the principal of the school in which the student has been enrolled or his/her designee will request that the principal or his/her designee of the school in which the student was previously enrolled submit documentation that a certified copy of the student's birth record was presented upon the student's initial enrollment.

A student transferring from another public school will be admitted to the grade he/she would have attended in the school from which the student transferred. If there is reasonable uncertainty about the proper grade placement, special education needs, or other information needed to determine eligibility for admission or proper placement, the student will not be admitted until previous school records or other sufficient information has been obtained. Every effort will be made to obtain such records or information in a prompt manner.

Students transferring from non-public schools may be tested to determine their grade placement. Students may be tested if there is reason to doubt the correct grade placement or the student's ability to succeed at that grade level.

Any student seeking admission to a Virginia school for the first time must meet state requirements for immunization before being admitted. Students seeking admission to a public kindergarten or elementary school also must have a physical examination (form MCH-213B or its equivalent) on file at the school unless a conditional enrollment is granted according to regulations. Parents or guardians must return, within 15 days of admission, a health information form to the school.

Students seeking admission must meet residency requirements in these policies or apply for admission as a non-resident tuition student. Proof of residency and legal custody shall be required.

Students must provide a social security number, unless the student is ineligible to receive a social security number.

Foreign students in an F-1 immigration status or who obtain F-1 student visas shall not be admitted in the division’s elementary schools or publicly funded adult education programs. Such students may be admitted, up to twelve months, in the division’s secondary schools only if they pre-pay the full, unsubsidized per capita cost of the education.


Reference: School Board File Number JEC

Code of Virginia, Sections 22.1-3.1, 22.1-270, 22.1-271.2