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   Project Based Learning in Gloucester County Schools is helping students think about real-world situations.
Gloucester County Public Schools believes Project Based Learning puts their students in a situation to be productive citizens, globally competitive, real world thinkers and real-world problem-solvers

Page Peasley PBL Showcase Spring 2016

Page & Peasley Middle Schools Showcase Their SPRING 2016 Project-Based-Learning Projects!

Page MS PBL In Action

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Real World Math - PBL Activities

Real World Math Project Based Learning Activities

Free Resources & Tools for PBL

Free Resources and Tools for Project Based Learning from edutopia

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects from Learning in Hand

10 Ready-to-Borrow Project Ideas from edutopia

Ten Ready to Borrow Project Ideas from edutopia

Resources & Tools

What is PBL ?

Page MS Salutes the Police Unity Tour

Page Middle School students, as part of their PBL Research Project, chose to show appreciation to Police Officers. Student researched and created memorial plaques of fallen officers.

PBL in Action

Our Driving Question was “How do we, as engineers, design a new ride for Busch Gardens Williamsburg?” The students selected any type of ride they would like to construct. They could update or remove an existing ride. The type of ride determined their materials.

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