Gifted Education/Governor's Schools

Referral/Eligibility Process

     Referral and Eligibility Process

Eligibility Process:

The GCPS Office of Gifted Education Services seeks to identify and provide for students within our community who are demonstrating advanced abilities or potential for advanced performance. GCPS will provide appropriately differentiated educational services in accordance with the abilities and aptitudes of identified students from kindergarten to graduation. Students may be considered for services in the following areas: intellectual aptitude and specific academic aptitude.



Screening Process:

The GCPS Office of Gifted Education Services screens annually, through division-wide testing done in the first semester of the school year and other criteria, to target and provide challenging experiences for high-ability students in our community.



Referral Process:

A student is referred to the gifted education services eligibility process based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • A need for challenging instructional services
  • Available standardized test information
  • Academic performance
  • Behavioral and cognitive characteristics
  • Parental information

Referral forms are available from the Office of Gifted Education Services, on the web, a student’s home school, or the Office of Gifted Education Services located in the School Board Office, 6099 T.C. Walker Road. Once permission has been received for student evaluation, multiple sources of data are collected on the student.  The criteria include standardized testing completed by the gifted specialist and/or division-wide standardized testing (ability and achievement), a portfolio of samples of work that exhibit progress in a particular area, and the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students, completed by a parent or guardian.



Identification Process:

Referrals are considered by a school-based committee composed of classroom/resource teachers, gifted specialist, school guidance counselor, the principal or his/her designee, and parents/guardians who are invited to attend.  All data are reviewed and one of three recommendations is made: 

  • The student may be identified for gifted services in one of the following areas: general intellectual, specific academics which include language arts and mathematics. 
  • The student is found not eligible for gifted services.
  • The committee requests more information to be collected within a 60-day time period and the committee reconvenes to make a decision. 

Parents receive written notification of the decision.  If the decision was to identify for gifted services then permission is requested before a student is placed in gifted education services.  Parents may appeal a decision in writing within ten working days of receipt of notification of eligibility decision