• Up to Ten is an INCREDIBLE interactive sites with tons of activities and games, all free. Even better, from the main page or from children's activity pages, you can select the language used on the page... French, Spanish, or English.
  • Literacy Center is a wonderful site full of activities that reinforce learning of a foreign language. fun exercises for English, Spanish, French and German -- requires Flash Player 5 plug in -- topics are capital letters, lower case letters, a mixture of letters, geometric figures, writing words, numbers and colors -- many games and online exercises to help you learn the language.
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary is a fabulous resource for learners of English or a foreign language. Select the language you would like to view, then pick by category and browse --or use the keyword search entry. Activities are available for students, like stinky spelling (misspelled words with the picture right above) and unscramble letters to form the correct word. GREAT!!

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  • Visit CAFE GLENCOE for special activities in Spanish, French, and Latin
  • On y Va! from Prentice Hall School